[Libvir] RFC: Supporting serial & parallel ports for QEMU (and improving Xen)

Gerd Hoffmann kraxel at redhat.com
Mon May 21 08:58:02 UTC 2007


> The question as ever is how to represent this in XML. For serial ports we'll
> stick with '<console>', while parallel ports we might as well use a better
> named  '<parallel>'.

Hmm, I'd prefer to use '<serial>', much less confusing in the long run. 
And maybe alias '<console>' to '<serial port=0>' for compatibility.

> Next up, I think should use a 'type' attribute on this
> element to determine the main way ot connecting the device, and then more
> type specific attributes or sub-elements as needed. If 'type' was not 
> specified then use a default of 'pty', since that gives compatability with
> existing practice.

Also enumerate them somehow, so you can configure multiple of them.

> NB, whereever there are IP addresses, hostnames can be used too, hence I
> call the attriute 'addr' instead of 'ip'

s/addr/host/ + s/port/service/ to make clear that non-numeric stuff is 
accepted for both?

<serial type='udp' port='0'>
   <sendto host='loghost' service='syslog'>


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