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Re: [Libvir] [RFC]OpenVZ XML def


Did you have any code to support OpenVZ that I can look at?  I was
looking at how OpenVZ concepts map to libvirt concepts, and don't want
to duplicate your efforts.

Work has slowed down recently, but I have the very basic stuff up.
Listing of VMs works and VM creation support is partially done. I'm
resuming work on this now. Its partially an issue with the OpenVZ
tools licensing - the tools are under the GPL and I have to duplicate
all the code by re-writing. I have writen to the OpenVZ team and there
seems to be some discussion on this topic. One of the SWsoft
developers mentioned about a re-write of the tools - possibly taking
care of the licensing issues. If this happens soon, it will be very

(BTW, you can send me code in private if it's embarrassing /
half-finished :-)

Ah, I will mail code to you in private if need be. :-)

Shuveb Hussain.
When you lose, be patient. When you achieve, be even more patient.
EasyVZ: http://easyvz.sourceforge.net
Blog: http://binarykarma.org

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