[Libvir] collectd libvirtstats plugin (version 1, for discussion only)

Richard W.M. Jones rjones at redhat.com
Mon Nov 5 14:00:12 UTC 2007

Attached is a plugin allowing collectd to use libvirt to collect CPU, 
disk and network statistics for domains.  There are a few problems with 
it at the moment, described below.

Firstly just to say that this is a patch against the released collectd 
4.2.0.  I need to pull out the GIT repository and rebase the patch 
against that.  Any other comments, most welcome!


With this patch you should be able to collect stats by adding the 
following to your collectd.conf file:

LoadPlugin libvirtstats

<Plugin libvirtstats>
         Connection "xen:///"

'collectd' only needs to be running on the host.  It uses libvirt to 
collect stats for each guest, via mechanisms in the hypervisor or host 
operating system.


libvirt >= 0.3.3 and libxml2.  The configure file should auto-detect the 
requirements and configure libvirtstats plugin only if they are available.


I can't seem to get the ignorelist to do anything at all.  It seems like 
it includes all the domains and devices, no matter what I specify in the 
configuration file and what the state of IgnoreSelected is set to.

In the types.db, I have set the max for virt_cpu_total to be 
256,000,000,000.  The max CPU usage for a single CPU is 1 billion 
nanoseconds per second, but virt_cpu_total is for all CPUs in the 
system, and there could be (in theory) an unlimited number of CPUs, so 
an unlimited max.  Therefore I have assumed here that max CPUs = 256.

I'm using CSV output, which works, but it seems to report the aggregate 
counter values instead of the differences.  Is that to be expected?


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