[Libvir] Create domU without any disks

Michael DeHaan mdehaan at redhat.com
Thu Nov 29 17:54:38 UTC 2007

Richard W.M. Jones wrote:
> Tim Verhoeven wrote:
>> I'm working on RHEL5.1 (libvirt-0.2.3-9.el5). I would like to know if
>> it is possible, using libvirt, to create a Xen PVM domU that has no
>> disks? And if this is possible how to code this ( a simple example is
>> ok).
> Did you try taking the XML, either from another running domain or from 
> the examples we give[1], and stripping out all the <disk> sections?  I 
> looked at the code and it ought to work -- if it doesn't, then it's 
> probably a bug.

(From IRC), Tim says it works for Xen ... and I just verified that qemu 
doesn't like it.

> Rich.
> [1] http://libvirt.org/format.html
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