[Libvir] save and restore guest

Farkas Levente lfarkas at bppiac.hu
Sat Oct 6 12:29:39 UTC 2007

if i use xen with xendomain it's possible to save and restore guest
state. if i use libvirt it's not working (at least by default with kvm).
i mean if i stop or restart libvirtd all guests a stopped and even if i
restart libvirtd i've to start all guests manually. imho this's a very
essential feature. what is the reason this not working with libvirtd?:
- this feature is missing from libvirtd? or
- this feature is not turned on by default? or
- this feature is missing from kvm/qemu? or
something else?
thanks in advance.

  Levente                               "Si vis pacem para bellum!"

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