[Libvir] Win Pro 64 dies in second half of windows guest installation

Lawrence Nitz lnitz at hawaii.edu
Wed Oct 10 10:02:00 UTC 2007

When I set up a guest VM using virtp-install on a Fedor a 7 system, the 
process gets as far as reading the raw device (/dev/scd0) for the 
install disk, writes the basic windows data onto the disk, and then 
reboots to complete the Windows installation.  At this point the 
installation hangs, with a diagnostic that says the file cannot be 
found.   The same error occurs whether the install is from the hard disk 
image or from the cd-rom.  The install gets half done, and has nothing 
to read when the install program restarts itself.  In the Virt manager 
the edit command allows me to edit the machine, but not to add back the 
cd drive, only add network cards and hard disk partitions.

Any help by a more experienced virt-install user would be much 
appreciated.  Larry Nitz.

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