[Libvir] how to setup usb/serial ports with libvirt & kvm (Fedora 7)

Jim Paris jim at jtan.com
Thu Oct 11 07:50:11 UTC 2007

John Davey wrote:
> I am experimenting with the following Redhat 9 kvm on Fedora 7.  
> How do I add a USB device with Libvirt? Specifically I'd like to add a
> usb-serial converter for logging data. "Man qemu-kvm" shows -usbdevice
> devname to add a USB device but I cannot find out how to do this with
> libvirt.

Libvirt will only use "-usbdevice table" or "-usbdevice mouse"
depending on the input device you've selected.  A hack I've found
useful for modifying the kvm command-line arguments is to change the
<emulator> tag to point to a shell script that invokes kvm as you'd
like.  For example, /etc/libvirt/kvm-wrapper containing:

   exec /usr/bin/qemu-kvm "$@" -usbdevice host:1234:5678

might do the trick.


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