[Libvir] [PATCH] Enhanced stats for fullvirt domains

Jim Meyering jim at meyering.net
Mon Oct 15 16:25:52 UTC 2007

"Richard W.M. Jones" <rjones at redhat.com> wrote:
>> That function should also check LEN (i.e., what if it's 0 or 1?).
>> Otherwise, STREQ might read uninitialized memory.
> I've addressed that by doing something, hopefully the right thing, if
> len == 0.  (We would expect len == 1).

Yeah, you're right.  len==0 was the only missed case.
I didn't realize at the time that "len" doesn't include
the trailing NUL byte.

>> The "unsigned len = 0;" initialization looks unnecessary.
> I left that because I can't see it doing any harm in this case.

It's not a big deal.
True, it causes no run-time harm, but anything unnecessary
can make the reviewer/maintainer wonder "why?".
> It would have to be really really large (these are 64 bit numbers),
> but yes I have fixed this too.
> Updated patch is attached.

Looks fine, now.

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