[Libvir] Problem to compile virt-manager in debian etch

Marco Sinhoreli msinhore at gmail.com
Thu Oct 18 14:28:30 UTC 2007


On 10/18/07, Richard W.M. Jones <rjones at redhat.com> wrote:
> Marco Sinhoreli wrote:
> > Hello Rickard,
> >
> > Thanks a lot for your attention. :-)
> > Reporting: It seems fixed the problems. autogen.sh command is worked
> > without any errors, and warnings messages, however it isn't creating
> > the configure script.
> Not sure ... It definitely worked for me when I tried it out this
> morning on an up to date Debian etch.  Are you sure there are no
> messages at all?  What about when you use autoreconf instead of autogen?

autoreconf output (after patches applied):

Copying file po/quot.sed
Copying file po/remove-potcdate.sin
configure.ac:2: installing `./missing'
configure.ac:2: installing `./install-sh'
src/graphWidgets/Makefile.am: installing `./depcomp'

Marco Sinhoreli

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