[Libvir] [PATCH 1/2] lxc: start container

Dave Leskovec dlesko at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Wed Apr 9 00:03:02 UTC 2008

This is a repost of the start container support.  Changes from the last version:

* Report an error when allocation for init string fails in lxcExecContainerInit()
* Change to find by name in lxcStartDomain()
* Move tty forwarding process outside of the container.  This allows
consolidating the forwarding into a single process at a later time.  This also
means the the container init process as specified by the user now runs as the
container root process with pid = 1.  The tty setup will require some (hopefully
minor) modifications when pts namespaces are enabled.
* Add header comments to a number of the functions.

This is an updated rough outline of the functions involved in starting a
container and the namespace and process under which they run:
lxcVmStart() - runs under libvirtd process
    lxcSetupTtyTunnel() - opens and configures parent tty
    lxcSetupContainerTty() - opens container tty
        child process calls lxcTtyForward() see below
        parent continues
    lxcStartContainer - see below

lxcStartContainer() - runs in parent namespace, libvirtd process
    Allocate stack for container
    clone() - child process will start in lxcChild() see below

lxcChild() - runs within container, child process from clone()
    mount user filesystems
    mount container /proc
    lxcExecWithTty() - see below, will not return

lxcExecWithTty() - runs within container, root process
    lxcSetContainerStdio - sets container tty as primary console
    lxcExecContainerInit - see below, should not return

lxcExecContainerInit() - runs within container, root process
    exec containers init
    if exec fails, exit()


Best Regards,
Dave Leskovec
IBM Linux Technology Center
Open Virtualization

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