[Libvir] <model>e1000</model> - Specifying model in XML Configs

Jim Paris jim at jtan.com
Wed Apr 9 00:05:52 UTC 2008

Henri Cook wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I just tried to port a few customers over to this libvirt setup i'm
> hoping to run and I couldn't get their machines started because there's
> no mechanism to specify a model in the XML!
> I know redhat have changed KVM's default driver to e1000, which I think
> is the one I like the most and almost if not all of my VMs use. Ubuntu
> haven't done that yet however!
> Is there a model directive in the latest version? In the works? Just so
> I know which solution I should pursue (updating libvirt or harassing
> ubuntu to change the default)


I posted a series of patches to do this last year:
It generated some discussion but AFAIK didn't go anywhere.

Henri, if you want a quick hack to add specific options to kvm, you
can just specify a script as the KVM binary and have it add or modify
arguments as you wish.  For example, I used:

  while [ $i -lt $# ] ; do
      # Use rtl8139 network card instead of default ne2k_pci
  exec /usr/bin/kvm ${ARGV[@]}


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