[Libvir] What is the Difference Between virConnCopyLastError and virCopyLastError?

ajishrao ajishrao at gmail.com
Thu Apr 10 09:26:36 UTC 2008

         I am little confused about these api's such as
virConnCopyLastError and virCopyLastError. Please correct my

1. virConnCopyLastError expects 2 parameter connection and virErrorPtr,
This is used only after getting successful connection, If i call this
without connection say it is NULL, I hope it will return -1 if no what
will it return?

2. virCopyLastError expects on 1 parameter virErrorPtr, this can be used
any time, even before getting connection, If it is No. Then when will i
use virCopyLastError api?

3. If virConnectOpen/virConnectOpenReadOnly fails which api should be
called to know the error code?

Thanks & Regards
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