[Libvir] ANNOUNCE: Ruby bindings for libvirt, version 0.0.6

David Lutterkort dlutter at redhat.com
Thu Apr 10 19:37:23 UTC 2008

I'm pleased to announce version 0.0.6 of the Ruby bindings for libvirt.
The most notable addition is support for the libvirt storage API. From
the NEWS file:

  * Explicit free methods for various objects (based on a patch by
    Vadim Zaliva)
  * Make the FLAGS argument for various calls optional, and default it
    to 0. (Chris Lalancette)
  * More finegrained exceptions on errors, containing libvirt error
    (Mohammed Morsi)
  * Bindings for the libvirt storage API (requires libvirt 0.4.1)
  * Suppress some bindings if the underlying libvirt doesn't support it
  * Bindings for virDomainSetMemory, virDomainPinVcpu, and
    virDomainSetVcpus (Vadim Zaliva)

The main site for ruby-libvirt is http://libvirt.org/ruby
API docs can be found at http://libvirt.org/ruby/api/index.html

Please send all your patches (and comments/questions) to this list.


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