[Libvir] Fedora spec file changes

Gerd Hoffmann kraxel at redhat.com
Mon Apr 28 13:11:20 UTC 2008

Mark McLoughlin wrote:

>   3) It's not clear that it's useful to have it upstream at all - i.e. 
>      is it useful anywhere but Fedora? Are iscsi-initiator-utils or 
>      selinux-devel valid RPM names on any other distro?

IMHO in isn't very useful.  specfiles tend to be non-portable across
distros.  Usually works ok for small packages without special
requirements.  For more complex packages alot of little things add up.
I've worked for SuSE for a while, so I have seen something which isn't
Fedora, trust me ...

Build dependencies are only one of many issues.  Enabling/disabling
services works differently across distros.  Integration with
distro-specific config tools isn't portable by definition.  Also i386
libs on x86_64 are handled radically different by the build system if
you compare Fedora and suse.  KDE lives in /usr in Fedora, SuSE has it
in /opt/kde3 (will change for kde4 though).  Lots of little differences
in packaging guidelines.

Also note that %changelog is the *package* changelog which doesn't make
sense at all in the upstream tarball.



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