[Libvir] [PATCH] sound support for qemu and xen

Cole Robinson crobinso at redhat.com
Mon Apr 28 17:44:32 UTC 2008

Cole Robinson wrote:
> The patch below adds xml support for the soundhw option to qemu
> and xen. The new xml element takes the form:

Here is the updated patch. Took a bit more work to take into account
the multiple models, building and parsing the xen soundhw string,
checking for duplicates, etc.

The current version uses the format:

<sound model='m1'/>
<sound model='m2'/>

To enable support for models m1 and m2. The code will fail if you
attempt to define an xml config which specifies a model that isn't
in the whitelist (currently composed of 'sb16, 'es1370', and 'pcspk').
Unknown values from a xend sexpr or config file will be silently

One question: should the value 'all' be recognized from a xen domain
and translated into a <sound> tag for every item in the whitelist?
'all' is an accepted value for a xen domain, since it just passes
the string to qemu. This isn't in the code but I only thought of it

Again, this needs to be rediff'd around recent commits (virBuffer
changes, probably others), which I will do next round after any


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