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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH] storage pool discovery

Daniel P. Berrange schreef:
On Mon, Aug 04, 2008 at 11:02:33AM +0200, Stefan de Konink wrote:
On Mon, 4 Aug 2008, Daniel P. Berrange wrote:

- - For iSCSI and related stuff everything was relatively easy, because
  this would just mean to write the right /dev/blabla to the xenstore.
  What is your idea to get different drivers working via:
  virt://pool/volume (so basically blktap vs file vs disk)
My idea was to have a script in /etc/xen/scripts/
Me too, but in order to 'fetch' the actual configuration it is required to
contact libvirt. And query about the pool/volume location. In this way it
would be actually a 'redirection' to blktap or adding a devicepath.

So this script is now written in plain C, but I want to know how you
imagine the driver selection based on connection uri.
You can simply use  xen:/// as the URI. There is no need for configurable
URIs since thisis a xen specific script.

You don't get the issue. In order to run a specific script for example a block device, it should have an unique prefix. That will make the executable that is called so virt:// will call /etc/xen/scripts/block-virt as script.

As you might notice here, the common file://, tap:aio:// or psy:// is not present, so if a pool is file based or device based it should some how inform this 'script' how to redirect the parameters to the appropriate script.


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