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Re: [libvirt] ISCSI Live Migration with LUN backed VMs

On Thu, 7 Aug 2008, Daniel P. Berrange wrote:

> On Thu, Aug 07, 2008 at 12:19:01PM +0100, Tim Hughes wrote:
> > I am using iscsi backed VMs which use a separate LUN for each VM. This is
> > all good until I try to live migrate because the LUN is not logged into on
> > the new machine. Does anyone have a way of handling logging into and out of
> > iscsi luns during the migration ?
> In general its the responsibility of the application/admin triggering
> the migration to ensure that the destination host has the same storage
> and network configuration. There's nothing special about iSCSI in this
> regard really - FibreChannel/NFS/Cluster-LVM/etc all have the same
> core requirements.   If you have a bunch of hosts you wish to migrate
> between, then you need to configure them all to have matching resources

The fact that libvirt still doesn't automatically uses the result of send
targets won't make it more easy for its users :) ...but we also had this
discussion before.


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