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Re: [libvirt] networking

On Tue, Aug 19, 2008 at 04:12:06PM -0500, Charles Duffy wrote:
> James Bardin wrote:
>> I'm not sure where to set this up, but I have a bridged device br0 that
>> I would like to have available in virt-manager/virsh.
>> Right now, I can edit the VM's xml interface element manually to use
>> br0.
> AFAIK, you're doing the right thing (as long as you're doing a  
> "dump-xml" to get the XML description out and then a "define" to put the  
> updated one in; directly modifying /etc/libvirt/qemu/* is bad form).
> Personally, I use xmlstarlet [from shell scripts] or lxml [from python]  
> to automate tweaking the XML host descriptions, but the details are your  
> own call.

As a completely separate aside to this, in the new version of libvirt
(either CVS or 0.4.5 whenever that is released) you will be able to

  virsh edit <domain|ID|UUID>
  virsh net-edit <network>
  virsh pool-edit <storage>

These do the dumpxml/edit/define sequence of operations, and have
sensible behaviour in the case of failure.


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