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Re: [libvirt] networking

James Bardin wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm having trouble digging up some documentation on libvirt's network
> config.
> I'm not sure where to set this up, but I have a bridged device br0 that
> I would like to have available in virt-manager/virsh.
> Right now, I can edit the VM's xml interface element manually to use
> br0. Virt-manager has an option for shared physical device, but it's
> empty, and I can't figure out how to see it from virsh.

cc-ing et-mgmt-tools which is the virt-manager list

The bridge should be showing up in shared physical device
drop down automatically, there shouldn't be anything you
need to teach libvirt.

What virt-manager version are you using?
Is there anything showing up in the shared device drop
down (even if you can't select it?)

Also if you could attach ~/.virt-manager/virt-manager.log
it might help.


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