[libvirt] anyone implementing host device enumeration?

David Lively dlively at virtualiron.com
Thu Aug 21 19:18:57 UTC 2008

Hi -

  I'm about to start working on host device enumeration, along the
(HAL-ish) lines of what was discussed back in April:

  I know the xml details haven't been fully fleshed out, but there seems
to be agreement that it will be a fairly direct mapping from (a subset
of the) HAL info to the details that we need in the xml.  Doubtless it
will take a while to figure out exactly what subset suffices (and, for
that matter, if everything needed is available via HAL ...), but I think
the work is well-defined for some of the obvious details (discussed in
the above thread) on which there's broad agreement.

  Is anyone working on such an implementation?


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