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Re: [libvirt] A laundry list of "TODO" items for libvirt

On Thu, Aug 28, 2008 at 10:58:34AM -0400, Cole Robinson wrote:
> Last month you had brought up the idea of a unified api call to 
> lookup all domains, with a flag option to filter the lookup by
> domain state:
> https://www.redhat.com/archives/libvir-list/2008-July/msg00215.html

It's worth making clear that the key issue isn't the filtering, but
the fact that the virConnectListDomains & virDomainLookupByID calls
would be combined.  This is a big saving in the remote case too
because it turns 1+N round-trips into 1 round-trip.

Virt-manager and virt-top both make these 1+N calls frequently (as in,
once a second, and once every 3 seconds respectively).

Also, if we use the __virDrvSupportsFeature call then we can actually
emulate it in src/libvirt.c for drivers / libvirtd instances which
don't understand the new call.  This means that applications can use
the new call immediately, with confidence that it will work for all


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