[libvirt] is libvirt-python default in libvirt compilation from source?

Shanmuga Rajan shan at binarykarma.com
Wed Dec 3 07:16:48 UTC 2008

I was trying to install libvirt 0.5.0 from source..
It seems it went well. but when i tried to import libvirt module in python
i got error no module named libvirt

then i searched entire system for libvirt.py then i came to know that
python bindings for libvirt is not installed.

is it that python bindings for libvirt not default in compilation....?

if i have to install python bindings then what option should i use?

i tried to find option from ./configure --help from libvirt source directory
but i didnt get anything.

Can any one help me in this.

Thanks and Regards,

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