[libvirt] Release of libvirt-0.5.1

Daniel Veillard veillard at redhat.com
Thu Dec 4 16:11:06 UTC 2008

  Mostly a bug fix one, as promised when 0.5.0 came out :-)
Available as usual from:

  Some bug fixes and local improvements:

+ Portability:
 - fix missing dep in spec file
 - fix compilation with new NUMA libraries (Daniel Berrange)
 - udev compatibility for RHEL (Chris Lalancette)
+ Documentation:
 - documentation copy and paste errors and typo (Cole Robinson)
+ Bug fixes:
 - add a delay in storage backend for disks to show up (Chris
 - fix parsing for CDRom device with no source (Daniel Berrange)
 - use xenstore to list domains to avoid some bugs (Guido Gunther)
 - remove a leak in xen inotify code (Daniel Berrange)
 - UML driver freeing of uninitialialized variable (Ron Yorston)
 - fix UML inotify code (Daniel Berrange)
 - crash when adding storage without a format (Cole Robinson)
+ Improvements:
 - use xend preferably to hypervisor call to set Xen max memory (Jim
 - allow remote://hostname/ URI for automatic probe of hypervisors
   (Daniel Berrange)
 - fix daemon configuration regression testing (Jim Meyering )
 - check /usr/bin/kvm for QEmu driver init (Guido Gunther)
 - proper active vs. inactive differentiation (Guido Gunther)
 - improve MTU setting on tap interfaces (Eduardo Habkost)
 - increase timeout for initial QEmu monitor poll (Cole Robinson)
+ Cleanups:
 - fix improper initialisations (Jim Meyering)

  thanks everybody for the contributions, whatever the way !


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