[libvirt] Bridged network (shared physical device) and libvirt

Chris Lalancette clalance at redhat.com
Mon Dec 8 09:00:15 UTC 2008

Henrik Persson E wrote:
> Are there any plans to include possibility to configure bridged networks
> in libvirt?
> I see the need to be able to actually be able create vlans on physical
> devices and the bridge the vlan, which I guess is a very normal case for
> isolating network traffic between different guests.
> I would be great if it would be possible to both create vlans on
> physical devices and then also create bridged network connected to any
> available network (physical/bonded/vlan)

This is functionality we are actually missing for ovirt as well.  I had done a
proof of concept patch a while ago (you can search the libvirt archives), but it
wasn't comprehensive enough.  In particular, it could deal with putting a
physical device into a bridge, but didn't make any provision for bonding and
VLANs, both of which are needed to have a correct solution.  It needs some
thought about the XML design, and then it can probably be implemented.

Chris Lalancette

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