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[Libvir] PATCH: 0/16: Storage management APIs

The patch series that follows provides storage management APIs for dealing
with local directories, local filesystems, remote filesystems, logical
volumes (LVM), disk partitioning, and iSCSI. It will also soon support
SCSI host adapters (including NPIV).

I'll include comments inline with each patch. The final patch in the
series also provides a 'storage.html' page for the website giving a fairly
friendly overview of the storage pool types and their associated XML

Although included here, the one API i really don't like is the one for
discovery virConnectDiscoverStoragePools, since its API is not flexible
enough in terms of metadata it accepts. I will probably just leave this
out next time around, since its not critical for the core functionality
and can thus be  added later.

Also TBD is a way to format a filesystem on a  volume, and how to clone
an existing volume, and take a snapshot. These things can all be added
at a later date.

Finally it does not include the async job support. This is also best added
once the core code is merged.

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