[Libvir] Re; virDomainBlockStats

Gareth Bult gareth at encryptec.net
Thu Jan 17 16:44:31 UTC 2008


I've a number of servers running XEN and am trying to write some code to monitor them through libvirt. 
(Xeon/Dual Core/Ubuntu Gutsy/Xen 3.1) 

All was going well until I got to virDomainBlockStats and it simply refused to accept my coding .. 

My solution (the code now works) is to change the following; 


#define XENVBD_MAJOR 3 // <--- I changed this! 
/*#define XENVBD_MAJOR 202*/ 

device = XENVBD_MAJOR * 256 + 1 + minor /* * 16 */; <-- this too! 

It now seems to give me some meaningful numbers without feeding my any error messages. 
Can anyone tell me "why" I needed to do this? 

I'm using "xvda" as the device path .. tried every other device name I could think of with out any good results ... 



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