[Libvir] [PATCH] change a Disk/Nic of inactive domain

S.Sakamoto fj0588di at aa.jp.fujitsu.com
Mon Jan 21 08:30:28 UTC 2008

> >> These struct definitions *intentionally* private.
> > Oops, I did not notice it...
> > 
> > I revised a patch not to access the struct data directly.
> In principle this patch looks good.  If no one else objects, I'll commit 
> this, with a few of my own fixes (below).
> Rich.
> +        (obj->stringval) && !strcmp((char*)obj->stringval, "hvm"))
> I'm going to use STREQ macro here instead of !strcmp.
> +    if (ctxt)
> +        xmlXPathFreeContext(ctxt);
> There are a few potential double-frees on the cleanup path.  Need to set 
> ctxt back to NULL after freeing it.
Thank you for improving my patch!
Because it looks like that no one else objects, please commit this.

Shigeki Sakamoto.

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