[Libvir] Windows sizeof(long) != Linux sizeof(long)

Daniel P. Berrange berrange at redhat.com
Wed Jan 23 00:33:47 UTC 2008

Just discovered that on x86_64,  Windows and Linux differ in what they
think sizeof(long) to be.


  Windows i686:    sizeof(long) == 4,  sizeof(void*) == 4
  Windows x86_64:  sizeof(long) == 4,  sizeof(void*) == 8

  Linux i686:    sizeof(long) == 4,  sizeof(void*) == 4
  Linux x86_64:  sizeof(long) == 8,  sizeof(void*) == 8

Unfortunately we have a number of APIs which use 'long' in the public header
file for dealing with VM memory. Fortunately they are all using memory in
size of KB, so we are not totally doomed until people start wanting to 
manage VMs with > 2 TB of RAM.  Also fortunately, the wire-encoding for
these APIs all uses hyper, so on the wire everything is 64-bit guarenteed.
Eventually though we might want to consider adding

  struct virDomainInfo64
  struct virNodeInfo64

....simply replacing 'long' with 'long long' in these 5 APIs so we have
public APIs whose precision matches the wire encoding.

More immediately though, we need to be careful that there is no code that
assumes   sizeof(long) == sizeof(void*) - eg any places we cast pointers
to integers and back again will break on Windows 64. Again fortunately, so
far I can only find places going from int -> pointer -> int which is OK
because we're not loosing precision.

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