[Libvir] Windows sizeof(long) != Linux sizeof(long)

John Levon levon at movementarian.org
Wed Jan 23 13:54:17 UTC 2008

On Wed, Jan 23, 2008 at 08:39:46AM +0000, Richard W.M. Jones wrote:

> >file for dealing with VM memory. Fortunately they are all using memory in
> >size of KB, so we are not totally doomed until people start wanting to 
> >manage VMs with > 2 TB of RAM.  Also fortunately, the wire-encoding for
> >these APIs all uses hyper, so on the wire everything is 64-bit guarenteed.
> >Eventually though we might want to consider adding
> This has come up before.  _Please_ can we use the definitions in 
> stdint.h!  We want integers of a specific size, so let's use integers of 
> a specific size, not just guess about what the size might be.

Seconded (I didn't understand the objections last time this came up).


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