[Libvir] A sample program to create a Linux Container

Daniel Hokka Zakrisson daniel at hozac.com
Fri Jan 25 08:03:22 UTC 2008

Dave Leskovec wrote:
> Attached is a simple program that uses the clone() function to create a
> container.  This is not intended as a patch - just an example of what
> creating a Linux Container looks like.  Something along these lines will
> be used by the Linux Container driver to start the domain.  The code run
> within this container is really simple.  It just mounts the /proc file
> system and then dumps the ps output to a file showing that the container
> is in separate process space.
> To run this you will need to have PID namespaces support enabled.  Turn
> on CONFIG_PID_NS when compiling the kernel.  You must run the program as
> root or the clone() call will fail.
> Any questions or comments are welcome.  Thanks!

You want to use at least CLONE_NEWIPC and CLONE_NEWUSER too. CLONE_NEWUTS
is probably desired as well, so you can have different hostnames, and
CLONE_NEWNET for networking (though that's probably not going to be usable
until after 2.6.25, at least).

Daniel Hokka Zakrisson

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