[libvirt] xml format for openvz driver

Evgeniy Sokolov evg at openvz.org
Tue Jul 22 13:21:41 UTC 2008


I made review of domain XML format for driver in libvirt.
And I have several questions and additions.

For tag domain:
need to add "vmid" or "id" - currenly tag "name" is used for ID.
OpenVZ has mandatory parameter ID, but it also support optional
parameter "name", which is not implemented for openvz driver now. I plan
to support of "name" in future.

For tag domain/os:
need to add "ostemplate"
desirable "config"

For tag domain/devices/disk:
need to add "diskspace"
desirable "diskinodes" - it is optional because of "disknodes" are over
very rarely.

For tag domain/devices/interface:
How to describe, if want to add ip addresses for routing network?
Also, OpenVZ may move network adapter to VM (for example, eth1), adapter
  becomes inaccessible on harware node. How to describe it? Is it
ethernet type?



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