[libvirt] [RFC 5/5]: Rewrite findLuns function

Chris Lalancette clalance at redhat.com
Thu Jun 12 14:19:32 UTC 2008

Stefan de Konink wrote:
> +	n = scandir(sysfs_path, &namelist, notdotdir, versionsort);
> +	if (n <= 0) {
> +		/* we didn't find any reasonable entries; return failure */
> +		virStorageReportError(conn, VIR_ERR_INTERNAL_ERROR,
> +							  _("Failed to find any LUNs for session %s: %s"),
> +							  session, strerror(errno));
> +
> +		return -1;
> +	}
> Who told you/anyone who wrote this code before that the 0th lun cannot 
> be a real entry? This assumption is wrong.

Well, that particular piece of code isn't looking at the 0'th LUN, but there is
code below that that is.  However, the code here is generally looking for block
devices, and the 0'th LUN is definitely not a block device.  Given that, I'm not
sure what else you would want to do with 0th LUN; can you give me some examples?

Chris Lalancette

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