[libvirt] Release of libvirt-0.4.3

Daniel Veillard veillard at redhat.com
Thu Jun 12 19:19:30 UTC 2008

  Two months since the last release and a lot of changes had accumulated
in the meantime. So it was really time for a release, 0.4.3 is available
at ftp://libvirt.org/pub/libvirt

It containns a some new features, bug fixes and improvements, but the
largest part is actually code cleanups:

* New features:
 - Linux Container start and stop (Dave Leskovec)
 - Network interface model settings (Daniel Berrange)
 - serial and parallel device support for QEmu and Xen (Daniel Berrange)
 - Sound support for QEmu and Xen (Cole Robinson)
 - vCPU settings for QEmu (Cole Robinson)
 - support for NUMA and vCPU pinning in QEmu (Daniel Berrange)
 - new virDomainBlockPeek API (Richard Jones)
* Documentation:
 - coding guidelines (Jim Meyering and Richard Jones)
 - small man page missing entries and cleanup
 - Web site revamp (Daniel Berrange)
 - typo fixes (Atsushi SAKAI)
 - more docs on network XML format (Daniel Berrange)
 - libvirt Wiki (Daniel Berrange)
 - policykit config docs (Cole Robinson)
 - XML domain docs revamp (Daniel Berrange)
 - docs for remote listen-tls/tcp fixes (Kenneth Nagin)
* Bug fixes:
 - save change to config file for Xen (Ryan Scott)
 - fix /var/run/libvirt/ group ownership (Anton Protopopov)
 - ancient libparted workaround (Soren Hansen)
 - out of bount array access (Daniel Berrange)
 - remote check bug (Dave Leskovec)
 - LXC signal and daemon restart problems (Dave Leskovec)
 - bus selection logic fix in the daemon config (Daniel Berrange)
 - 2 memory leaks in the daemon (Jim Meyering)
 - daemon pid file logic bug fix (Daniel Berrange)
 - python generator fixes (Daniel Berrange)
 - ivarious leaks and memory problem pointed by valgrind (Daniel Berrange)
 - iptables forwarding cleanup (Daniel Berrange)
 - Xen cpuset value checking (Hiroyuki Kaguchi)
 - container process checks for LXC (Dave Leskovec)
 - let xend check block device syntax (Hiroyuki Kaguchi)
 - UUIDString for python fixes (Cole Robinson)
* Improvements:
 - fixes for MinGW compilation (Richard Jones)
 - autostart for running Xen domains (Cole Robinson)
 - control of listening IP for daemon (Stefan de Konink)
 - various Xenner related fixes and improvements (Daniel Berrange)
 - autostart status printed in virsh domainfo (Shigeki Sakamoto)
 - better error messages for xend driver (Richard Jones)
* Code cleanups:
 - OpenVZ compilation (Richard Jones)
 - conn dom and net fields deprecation in error structures (Richard Jones)
 - Xen-ism on UUID (Richard Jones)
 - add missing .pod to dist (Richard Jones)
 - tab cleanup from sources (Jim Meyering)
 - remove unused field in virsh control structure (Richard Jones)
 - compilation without pthread.h (Jim Meyering)
 - cleanup of tests (Daniel Berrange)
 - syntax-check improvements (Jim Meyering)
 - python cleanup
 - remove dependancy on libc is_* character tests (Jim Meyering)
 - format related cleanups (Jim Meyering)
 - cleanup of the buffer internal APIs (Daniel Berrange)
 - conversion to the new memory allocation API (Daniel Berrange)
 - lcov coverage testing (Daniel Berrange)
 - gnulib updates (Jim Meyering)
 - compatibility fix with RHEL 5 (Daniel Berrange)
 - SuSE compatibility fix (Jim Fehlig)
 - const'ification of a number of structures (Jim Meyering)
 - string comparison macro cleanups (Daniel Berrange)
 - character range testing cleanups and assorted bug fixes (Jim Meyering)
 - QEmu test fixes (Daniel Berrange)
 - configure macro cleanup (Daniel Berrange)
 - refactor QEmu command line building code (Daniel Berrange)
 - type punning warning in remote code (Richard Jones)
 - refactoring of internal headers (Richard Jones)
 - generic out of memory testing and associated bug fixes (Daniel Berrange)
 - don't raise internal error for unsupported features (Kaitlin Rupert)
 - missing driver entry points (Daniel Berrange)

  thanks to everybody who contributed, with ideas or patches,


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