[libvirt] [PATCH 0/5]: Rework iSCSI lun handling

Chris Lalancette clalance at redhat.com
Mon Jun 16 13:52:27 UTC 2008

These patches are now better tested, so I'm sending them for review again.  To
recap, these patches:

1)  Do minor cleanup of the existing code
2)  Fix a bug where we aren't properly finding the LUNs on pre 2.6.24 kernels
3)  Fix a bug seen in oVirt where we race between libvirtd scanning the sysfs
path and udev actually making the sysfs path in the first place
4)  Further lessen our dependence on direct calls to iscsiadm, in case they
change the output in the future.

Changes since last time include:
1)  Fixing the 0th LUN problem as pointed out by Stefan de Konink.  We now use a
sysfs file to determine whether this is a valid LUN for us to have.
2)  Fix all my whitespace damage
3)  Small cleanups based on feedback from the list.

Also, I'm putting a build through koji, available here:


Chris Lalancette

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