[libvirt] [PATCH 0 of 3] LXC network interface support

Dan Smith danms at us.ibm.com
Thu Jun 19 15:59:51 UTC 2008

This set is actually authored by Dave Leskovec.  He is moving on to some other
work and I will be working this into the tree.  I have made a few changes
to this, mostly to allow this code to compile out if the proper kernel
and userspace support is not present.

I am submitting it as an RFC because the required kernel patches are not yet
upstream (even in -mm) and there are some missing userspace patches to
iproute2 as well.  I expect there to be quite a few comments and suggestions
about the veth.c patch, so I wanted to go ahead and get that started while
we wait for upstream to catch up.

Comments appreciated!

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