[libvirt] HTTP-API for libvirt

Stefan de Konink skinkie at xs4all.nl
Wed Jun 25 16:27:00 UTC 2008

Daniel P. Berrange schreef:
> If I'm understanding what you're doing, it is sort of a REST style 
> web services API.

Why is everyone using this REST buzzword lately? :D

> It is also adding in certain higher level API
> semantics by using mDNS to aggregate info from multiple hosts ?

It is what I proposed to be in libvirtd (native support for clouds), but 
then implemented as a client application for libvirtd, that is a service 
provider for avahi. And a webserver plugin for Cherokee that is a client 
for avahi. Something as namespace collision prevention is something that 
is 'on going'.

I propose to integrate the libvirtd-client/avahi-service provider 
(domumdns in the sourcetree) into libvirtd.

> As such its kind of straddling the boundary between being a service
> vs an application.

It is. But you could also see it as a 'protocol' that is implemented by 
an application. What I want to get formalized how such protocol *should* 
look like.

> I'd be interested in seeing the source to understand better what it
> is doing. I'd certainly be fine with adding it to our applications
> page on the website & wiki. 


> I'm wary of proprosing an 'offficial' web application since there are
> many people building web applications ontop of libvirt[1] & I don't want
> to take sides saying one is better than the other.

I don't want you to pick sides, but I want to get the 'protocol' 
formalised or at least molded into something that has been done for the 
Python API.


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