[libvirt] PATCH: Generic internal API for domain XML parser/formatter

Cole Robinson crobinso at redhat.com
Thu Jun 26 14:26:01 UTC 2008

Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
> Given an XML document describing a network, parses the doc and generates
> a virDomainDefPtr to represent it in memory. This is a little more 
> advanced than the network parser because the various hypervisor drivers
> have slightly varying capabilities. So we pass a virCapsPtr object in
> so the parser can validate against the actual driver's capabilities.
> I'd like to extend the capabilities format to cover things like the
> boot parameters supported - eg PXE vs kernel+initrd vs bootloader vs
> BIOS, so we can further validate at time of parsing, instead of time
> of use.

I realize this capabilities piece was a side point but I think it's the
way to go. Also providing the whitelist for things like storage pool
types/formats, network and sound models would be nice.

- Cole

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