[Libvir] Patch for routed virtual networks

Mads Chr. Olesen shiyee at shiyee.dk
Sat Mar 8 15:33:32 UTC 2008


The attached patch adds support for having routed virtual networks, in
addition to the masquerading setup possible with the "<forward />"

I have added a <route dev="ethX" /> stanza (dev is optional), completely
equivalent to the <forward /> stanza.

Summary of changes:
 * Added <route /> stanza to XML parsing/creation
 * Refactored qemudAddIptablesRules to allow for the routed network type
 * In iptables.c: 
    * Renamed iptables(.*)ForwardAllowIn to
iptables(.*)ForwardAllowRelatedIn, to better reflect their function
    * Added iptables(.*)ForwardAllowIn functions, that do not require
traffic to be related

Comments are very much appreciated :-)

Mads Chr. Olesen <shiyee at shiyee.dk>
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