[Libvir] [RFC] 0 of 4 Linux Container support

Dave Leskovec dlesko at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Thu Mar 20 06:13:44 UTC 2008


Following are the patches adding linux container support.  The first three
patches are updated versions of the original three I posted.  They've been
updated for the feedback I've received so far and to include some other recent
libvirt changes.  The last patch adds support for starting a container.  Still
working on shutdown and destroy but wanted to get the start code out for comments.

The XML format has been updated to this:
<domain type='linuxcontainer'>
        <filesystem type='mount'>
            <source dir='/home/dlesko/lxc_files/tmp/'/>
            <target dir='/tmp/'/>
        <console tty='/dev/ptmx'/>

All comments and questions are welcome.

Best Regards,
Dave Leskovec
IBM Linux Technology Center
Open Virtualization

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