[Libvir] uuid of newly created domain

David Lutterkort dlutter at redhat.com
Mon Mar 31 16:46:45 UTC 2008

On Sat, 2008-03-29 at 15:53 -0700, Vadim Zaliva wrote:
> I am running into interesting problem with UUID. I am using Ruby  
> bindings, but I think the
> problem is not specific to Ruby. I am doing roughly the following:
> dom = c.define_domain_xml(xml)
> dom1 = c.ookup_domain_by_uuid(dom.uuid)
> and I got an error that domain with given UUID is not found.

Very strange .. I just tried the same, albeit with the KVM backend, and
it works fine. The two UUID's are the same, both if the XML used to
define it has an explicit UUID, and if it is assigned in the backend.

I don't have a Xen host set up right now, so it's probably a silly
question: Does Xen assign UUID's when domains are defined, or only once
a domain is created ?


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