[libvirt] New Libvirt Implementation - OpenNebula

Ruben S. Montero rubensm at dacya.ucm.es
Mon Nov 3 19:32:54 UTC 2008

On Monday 03 November 2008 17:59:33 Daniel Veillard wrote:
>   This is a bit against the Node principle of libvirt, and could result
> in some fun in the hardware discovery mode, but in general the approach
> might work. Still we are looking at bits on the node to provide
> capabilities of the hypervisor, which may break in your case, and
> migration is defined as an operation between a domain in a given node
> and a connection to another node, so the migration within the OpenNebula
> cluster won't be expressable in a simple way with the normal libvirt
> API. Except that things should work conceptually I think.

You are totally right, this is putting the standard to the limit ;). There are 
some function calls that can not be implemented right away or, as you said, 
the semantics are slightly different. Maybe there is room to extend the API in 
the future, right now there is no standard way to interface a distributed VM 

> Basically the contributtion should be provided as a (set of) patch(es)
> agaisnt libvirt CVS head. Preferably the code should follow the existing
> coding guidelines of libvirt, reuse the existing infrastructure for
> error, memory allocations, etc ... If "make check syntax-check' compiles
> cleanly with your code applied that's a good first start :-)
> In general the inclusion takes a few iteration of reviews before being
> pushed, and splitting patches into smaller chunks helps the review
> process greatly.
> I didn't yet took the time to look at the patch online, so I have no
> idea a-priori of the work needed. Drivers are usually clean and
> separate, the problem is have them in the code base to minimize
> maintainance.

Ok. It sounds fine. We will update our implementation to CVS head (right now 
the patch is targeted for 0.4.4), update licenses to LGPL, and we will check 
if 'make check syntax-check' works. Also We'll try to split the patch in self-
contained changes, so they are easy to review. I'll let you know when we are 


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