[libvirt] PATCH: Misc fixes to events code

Ben Guthro bguthro at virtualiron.com
Fri Nov 7 15:47:24 UTC 2008

Daniel P. Berrange wrote on 11/04/2008 05:05 PM:
> Well lets just start with STARTED/STOPPED from xenstore, and possibly
> try ADDED/REMOVED using inotify on /etc/xen or /var/lib/xend/domains.
> These are what virt-manager cares about the most. The others are just
> a nice-to-have.

Perhaps I just can't see it, but is there already mechanism where I can look up a domain (virDomainPtr) given a config filename? I'd rather not re-invent the wheel if this is already written...

I think that there should be code to do this somewhere in the xm_internal file when listing defined (but not running) domains...but I'm just not seeing it


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