[libvirt] OpenVZ capabilites in LibVIRT

Anton Protopopov aspsk2 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 9 21:05:57 UTC 2008


> I faced with several difficulties / misunderstandings and I hope someone
> could clarify me (at the moment I use 'virsh' for testing).
> 1) after creating network via 'virsh # net-create network.xml' i get vzbr0
> bridge in down state and have to make ip up manually. Is there any way to
> automatically make it up?
You can specify an IP address and a netmask like this:
Such bridge will be automatically set up.

> 2) there is a default network "Default" with enabled 'Autostart'. Is there
> any way to remove this network completely?
# virsh net-destroy defaul

> 3) after creating domain via 'virsh # create ovz.xml' i get a new
> container, but it doesn't work as it should do:
> - at first, it has 'vzbr0' veth interface inside and its pair on a HW node
> is added into default bridge vmbr0. I believed tag <source bridge='vzbr0'/>
> should point to a bridge name on a HW node, but instead it created veth
> interface with such name. In openvz config file for created domain i see
> this:
>  [root at alt-03 ~]# cat /etc/vz/conf/3005.conf | grep NETIF
> NETIF="ifname=vzbr0,mac=52:54:00:35:10:6D,host_ifname=veth3005.0,host_mac=52:54:00:35:10:6D"
Short answer: it doesn't work now. Wait for nex libvirt release
(libvirt-4.6-alt2). I will try to make it as soon as possible.
For details see

> 4) Is there any way to specify config file for created domain like it can
> be done via 'vzctl create <ID> --oostemplate <templname> --config
> <confname>'?

>  5) Is there any way to destroy domain completely like it can be done via
> 'vzctl destroy <ID>'?
# virsh destroy <domain-name>

>  6) Where does libvirt store info about already created domains? I can't
> create a new domain with ID 3005 after I completely destroy previous one via
> 'vzctl destroy 3005'.
And what does it saying?

 7) Is there any way to publish domain's console on a host system so that I
> can connect via telnet to HW node on some TCP/4567 and get into domain's
> console?
vzctl enter <domain ID>

> 8) Does libvirt use some OpenVZ bindings or simply executes vzctl and other
> stuff?
simply executes vzctl and reading/writing <veid>.conf

P.S. You can ask ALT-specific questions to me directly.
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