[libvirt] make not invoking rpcgen remote_protocol.x

Kenneth Nagin NAGIN at il.ibm.com
Wed Nov 12 07:59:46 UTC 2008

>Ben Guthro <bguthro at virtualiron.com> wrote on 10/11/2008 18:03:07:

> from the top level, you could do a
> make -C src remote_protocol.c
> This should re-generate both .c and .h files from the .x
make -C src remote_protocol.c does not work.
This is the error printout:.
[nagin at arenal libvirt]$ make -C src remote_protocol.c
make: Entering directory `/home/nagin/workspace/libvirt/src':
make: *** No rule to make target `remote_protocol.c'.  Stop.:
make: Leaving directory `/home/nagin/workspace/libvirt/src'.:
I tried it both from libvirt and libvirt/qemud.

However,the problem can be overcome by treating the make as a two step
First update remote_protocol.x and invoke moke make to generate
Next make changes to the rest of the code that reference remote_protocol.h.
If the changes to remote_protocol.x are not backward compatible,
then it is necessary to prepare for the
first step by removing the offending references and run make.
- Kenneth Nagin
> Kenneth Nagin wrote on 11/10/2008 10:52 AM:
> > I am attempting to add some new libvirt functions that I intend to
> > for your approval.
> > I have made changes to remote_protocol.x.  Initially it generated the
> > expected files.
> > However,  after making a few changes the make no causes it to generate
> > files.
> > Manually invoke rpcgen -c remote_protocol.x > remote_protocol.c seems
> > to get around the compile problem.  But now I'm getting a "Remote
error :
> > marshaling args"
> > I 'm think there is a problem in the make.
> >
> > Kenneth Nagin
> >
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