[libvirt] Are there interfaces to change IP address of given domain before it runn

Ian jonhson jonhson.ian at gmail.com
Wed Nov 26 12:02:42 UTC 2008

> Use DHCP, and ensure that when you create the domain configuration xml
> file for the second instance that you remove the MAC address lines
> before you define it in virsh so libvirt generates new MAC addresses
> for the copies.

However, I can not know the IP address before it has been allocated by
DHCP service. So, I can not scp my applications outside into new cloned
VM. Have any solution to bind a given IP address to a VM instance?

> You want libvirt to be abstract from the guest, so it's not going to
> be meddling around in your guest's filesystem to configure anything.

As said above, I can not login VM instance and change the network
configuration. Also, I can not get the new-allocated IP address if I
want to login the VM and do some jobs, right?

Thanks again,


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