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Re: [libvirt] Does libvirt support Solaris Zones?

Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
On Mon, Nov 03, 2008 at 11:31:16AM +0000, jovialGuy _ wrote:
I have a quick question, does libvirt latest release supports Solaris Zones?
I know it supports LDoms and xVM support is being integrated towards xVM
Server. But which release to date supports Solaris Zones?

Sun has a fork of a fairly old libvirt release (0.3.something IIRC) in
which they've added LDoms support. The code is not present in the official releases of libvirt yet, and last time I looked it didn't
really comply with the XML format correctly, and still needed quite
alot of work done to it. Hopefully they'll find the time to re-submit the driver for inclusion in main libvirt codebase again in the future.

Unfortunately, it's a case of too much to do and not enough time. The LDoms port is currently on hold.

There has been work in official releases to support Xen dom0 on Open
Solaris, but I think there are still some outstanding patches in the
Open Solaris repositories that aren't in our offcial releases.

We're temporarily stuck on 0.4.0 for the time being, which makes forwarding-porting patches difficult. I hope to update our internal gate to 0.4.6 within a month, which will allow me to send out some patches.

I'm not aware of any support for Solaris Zones, or xVM  -that's VirtualBox
based i guess?

I would like to port libvirt to Zones, but it looks unlikely that I'll have the time to do so.



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