[libvirt] About the Windows Support ToDo Item

Adhyas Avasthi adhyas at gmail.com
Fri Oct 10 21:32:09 UTC 2008

I could not really understand this ToDo Item clearly. Does this mean that
libvert can be installed on Windows and then support Windows Hypervisor ?
Please pardon my lack of understanding, but from what I understand libvert
is supposed to be installed on the hypervisor itself (either in DOM0 or in
the kernel that is managing the hardware underneath, etc.) and then
communicated to from the virtual machine manager utility running on another
machine and trying to control VM behavior by communicating to the
hypervisor. And libvert does not support Windows hypervisor yet. So does
this ToDo mean that there is an expected support for Windows Hypervisor?

What about VMware hypervisor, then ? Can I install (after some development)
libvert on vmkernel (VMware's hardware managing OS) and then control it from
a virtual machine manager? I am just trying to understand the ToDo item and
possibilities of using libvert.

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