[libvirt] image locking?

Itamar Heim Itamar.Heim at qumranet.com
Wed Oct 15 17:23:03 UTC 2008



I am interested to find out how libvirt envisions image locking.

i.e., how do we make sure multiple nodes are not trying to access the
same storage volume, probably causing image corruption.


I know this can be solved by means of a cluster, but it seems excessive
(and not possible in all scenarios).

Central administration (ovirt-like) is also problematic, since unless
fencing is assumed, it cannot verify the image is no longer being used.


If the image/storage volume could be locked (or leased lock), either by
the storage/LVM/NFS preventing from a node access to a specific image,
or by having libvirt/qemu mutually check the lock before accessing it
(very simply, in leased lock we can check every X minutes, and kill the
process to make sure it honors the lock).


Any thoughts on the subject?




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