[libvirt] [0/17] patches: mingw, gnulib, warnings, misc

Jim Meyering jim at meyering.net
Tue Oct 28 11:16:48 UTC 2008

Last week, I set out simply to adjust libvirt to accommodate a
recent gnulib API change, whereby you now include the standard
<netdb.h> rather than the gnulib-made-up "getaddrinfo.h" header file.

That meant pulling in many gnulib updates (a lot's been happening
on the mingw portability front recently), and there's been some
churn, so I'd pull in an update, find that it exposes more portability
problems, fix them, (but that may have also added a new warning, so fix
that), pull in another update, find more, etc.  Most of this has been
mingw-specific, but I addressed some of the test-related warnings by
removing ifdefs so that the same code is compiled in both mingw and
non-mingw cases.

I think we've settled on a local fixed point, with the result
triggering only the two XDR warnings I already wrote about.

This patch series includes all of the above (leaving out 10K
lines of automatically-pulled-from-gnulib diffs) and cleans up
the state of .cvsignore and .gitignore files:

   1 exempt gnulib from ctype-macros prohibition
   2 exempt gnulib from write-avoidance syntax check
   4 * src/network_conf.c: Include <string.h> for declaration of memcmp.
   5 adapt to API change in gnulib
   6 use more gnulib modules
   7 updates from gnulib     (this is the 10K-line diff -- mostly omitted)
   8 socketcompat.h: simplify, to match latest gnulib
   9 use errno, not socket_errno()
  10 remove duplicate inclusion of "remote_protocol.h" (before <config.h>!)
  11 * src/remote_internal.c (remoteFindDaemonPath) [!WIN32]: Don't compile.
  12 include netinet etc #ifndef HAVE_WINSOCK2_H
  13 * qemud/remote_protocol.x: Include "remote_protocol.h" and <rpc/xdr.h>.
  14 * remote_protocol.c, remote_protocol.h: regenerate
  15 cvsignore mingw build artifacts: *.exe
  16 avoid many mingw-specific warnings
  17 avoid compiler warning when all storage backends are disabled

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