[libvirt] PATCH: Only pass in emulator if user requested it

Stefan de Konink skinkie at xs4all.nl
Thu Sep 4 00:54:55 UTC 2008

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Daniel P. Berrange schreef:
> Previouly with Xen we would only specify an emulator path to XenD if there
> was one provided in the XML. With the new domain XML routines we will always
> lookup the default emulator path internally using our capabilities data.
> So XenD sees an explicit emulator path even if the user didn't request one.
> This works fine, except for paravirt guests where you only want to have
> the text console active, and not the graphical framebuffer. In this 
> scenario, XenD starts QEMU-DM to handle the text console, but it crashes
> because PVFB isn't configured.
> This patch switches us back to the old behaviour where we only pass an
> emulator to XenD if the user actually specified one - XenD is intelligent
> enough to auto-configure a QEMU instance for paravirt framebuffers as
> needed.
> The logic looking up the default emulator did live in the generic XML
> parsing routines. This patch removes it from the XML parsing stage,
> and pushes it down into the individual drivers at time of use (if they
> so desire).

I have applied the patch, domains that have manually removed their
<emulator> from the config get to work again. So this probably solves
the issue I reported.

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